For Teens

Trinity Parish has adopted the Journey to Adulthood program for our 11 - 18-year-old parishioners. There are three sections to the Journey to Adulthood program: Rite-13, J2A, and YAC. Each section of the program lasts for two years, and that group of teenagers will stay together until they graduate from high school. This stability of group dynamics helps create safe, sacred space where the members can learn to trust themselves and each other as they grow in faith.

The first two years of the program is called Rite-13, a name that comes from a liturgical rite of passage we celebrate with young people around their 13th birthday. These two years are designed to build self-esteem in the context of the Christian community. During this time our 11 - 13-year-olds are building their community, getting to know each other, and learning to honor each individual's gifts and talents that are necessary for the life of the group. The two years of Rite-13 focus on recognizing the gifts God has given us, celebrating our creative potential, and learning to interact as a community of faith. They are developing an understanding of God's call for them within the church and the world, and starting on that exciting (and sometimes crazy) journey from childhood to young adulthood.

J2A - Journey to Adulthood - is the second two-year stage of the program where the focus is placed on the acquisition of skills and vocabulary that prepares and empowers the young person to participate in the adult community. The goals of J2A are to celebrate the transition from youth to adulthood, to train young people in skills of adulthood (active listening, negotiation, assertion, research and information management, partnership and leadership), and to continue to explore their faith heritage. They learn to listen not only to themselves but to others as well, recognizing their strengths and those of others within the community to affect change and know that they can make a difference. The end of the second year of J2A is marked by the group exploring their Christianity by designing and going on a Holy Pilgrimage with several chaperones. The photos at right show our J2A group on a pilgrimage to the Borderlands Ranch in South Dakota.

The last two-year stage is known as YAC - Young Adults in Church. By this time, our young adults are in their junior or senior year of high school and possibly getting prepared for college life. Most have made their own decision to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church. The community that they have developed over the years has a solid root system. YAC students are encouraged to accept more adult responsibilities and to contribute their time, talent and treasure in ways that support the ongoing work of the church. Teens write a personal credo of beliefs and rely on their trusted group of peers as they explore their faith more deeply and struggle with the details of transitioning from teenager to young adult in today's world.

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