Church School

Program Schedule

Church School meets on Sunday mornings from 9:50 - 10:30 AM on the second floor of the Parish House. To learn more about our Church School program, call the Parish Office at 845-896-9884.

About Trinity's Programs

Faith, like a seed, must be planted, nurtured, and sometimes pruned in order to bear fruit. All Christians are called into a life-long journey of growing into their faith and discipleship in Jesus Christ. This learning begins with our first experiences with the Christian community and ends at the moment of our death.

There are four areas of competency that are marks of a mature Christian.

The first is scripture. How well do we know the story of God's saving actions, and how does that story nourish and shape our life today?

The second is prayer. We are invited to live in the power of the Holy Spirit who brings us into conversation with God in and through Jesus Christ. Prayers of praise and adoration, intercession, thanksgiving, and confession become part of our daily offering of devotion to the God of all creation.

The third area is worship. Worship shapes who we are as a community of faith. Our theology, what we believe about God, is found in the word and actions of the Church at prayer.

The fourth area is ministry and mission. All Christians have gifts that are to be used for the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We all are invited to identify our gifts and use them to the glory of God in the ministry of the Church.

Beginning at home, through Church School, Journey to Adulthood, and Adult programs, we enter into a life-long journey of Christian formation. In the end, we become Christians.

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