Parish Leadership

Trinity Parish is blessed with skilled and dedicated leaders who guide and encourage widespread participation in the mission of our church, its worship, Christian education, outreach programs, upkeep of the property, and social activities and events. Parishioners are encouraged to be leaders of various committees and activities that make worship and mission possible. It is important to the life of the community that individuals discern how they might contribute their skills as leaders at Trinity.

In an official capacity, the "custody, control and administration of temporalities" of Trinity parish is given to the vestry as the board of trustees of the corporation. The vestry is composed of seven elected members of the congregation, two elected wardens who are chosen at the parish annual meeting, and the rector. The parish also has a clerk of the vestry and a parish treasurer. These positions are elected by the vestry. The vestry also appoints a vestry secretary.

2017 Vestry Members:
The Rev. Garrett Mettler, Priest-in-Charge
Wayne Bunker, Warden
Terry Badura, Warden
Steven Blanks
Jan Humbert
Rosanne Desjardins
Cheri Hamilton
Julia Dotter
Jay Anderson
Connie Smith

Treasurer: Steven Blanks
Clerk of the Vestry: Julia Dotter
Vestry Secretary: David Bishop

Organist & Choir Director: Oleg Reingold

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