Ministries and Outreach

The mission of the Outreach Committee at Trinity Church is to provide opportunities for parishioners of all ages to participate in charitable giving through projects that engage us as a community, both physically and spiritually, with an eye toward maintaining a balance in meeting local, national, and international needs.

To accomplish this, the committee coordinates outreach activities spearheaded by various parish members. We help assure that donations of goods, services, or cash are distributed over the course of the entire calendar year and are of sufficient variety to speak to our different hearts. Our outreach efforts include both long-term commitments and one-time opportunities.

Because the giving of "time, talent, and treasure" to those in need is a spiritual necessity for all Christians, the Outreach Committee tries to have at least one opportunity before the congregation at all times, with goals, deadlines, and response clearly published. While striving for flexibility, the committee endeavors to distribute funds allotted in the parish budget as "seed money" to pay for raw materials that make larger parish projects possible or that allow needy recipients to move toward self-sufficiency rather than dependency.

Donations of goods or funds from Trinity Church are through the auspices of reputable organizations. The Outreach Committee invites participation at all levels and keeps before the community the awareness of our responsibility to respect the dignity of those receiving gifts as children of God, and of our own vulnerability since any of us may, at any time, be in the position of needing to accept gifts rather than giving out of our abundance. We pray that our hearts may be open to God's love so that it shines through us joyfully in service to others.

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