Sunday Preaching

If you were unable to attend worship at Trinity on a particular Sunday but still want to hear our reflections on the scripture readings please use the links below. These recordings may also be helpful if you were present but want to go back and revisit something you heard or would like to share what was said with a friend or family member.

At its best, preaching is the beginning of a conversation, and not the final word. If you find that something you hear is inviting you to go further and deeper trust that voice leading you, and spend some more time in reflection, prayer or conversation with someone else about it.

If you would like to contact me directly with a story of your own connection or a question please know that I would welcome it. Please use this link to email me at or by calling the Parish Office at 845-896-9884.

Sermon: Unlimited Access Audio Sermon

Sermon: Remembering Your First Meeting

Sermon: Going to the Source

Sermon: Trust the relationship, not the outcome

Sermon: You Don't Have to Wait for Eternal Life

Sermon: Death is Not Certain

Sermon: Starting Your Day With A Reminder

Sermon: Source of Security

Sermon: Leaving a Legacy

Sermon: The Beautiful Love Between Jesus and God

Sermon: The Rush of a Violent Wind

Sermon: If it Seems Too Good to be True...

Sermon: Time for Report Cards

Sermon: High Expectations...

Sermon: Don't Be Distracted by the Miracles

Sermon: He Could Do No Deed of Power There

Sermon: God is Here, We'll Be Alright

Sermon: Securing the Way Home

Sermon: Healthy Choices for your Spiritual Plate

Sermon: We Will Not Go Away

Sermon: Digging Through the Outward and Visible

Sermon: Unshakable Faith

Sermon: It's Okay to be Angry With God

Sermon: Compound Sainthood

Sermon: There's Bad News and There's Good News

Sermon: Morning Prayer - Christ the King

Sermon: What the Future Will Bring

Sermon: Morning Prayer - 2nd Sunday in Advent

Sermon: Want More Christmas?

Sermon: A Pilgrimage Through Epiphany

Sermon: Morning Prayer - 1st Sunday After Epiphany

Sermon: Morning Prayer - 3rd Sunday After Epiphany

Sermon: 4th Sunday After Epiphany - February 3rd

Sermon: Last Sunday After Epiphany - March 3rd

Sermon: Ash Wednesday - March 6th

Sermon: Morning Prayer - First Sunday in Lent - March 10th

Sermon: Remaining Devoted No Matter the Outcome - March 17th

Sermon: Morning Prayer - March 31st

Sermon: Looking Back From Your New Life

Sermon: Remember Me

Sermon: Big data can't explain this

Sermon: But Wait, There's More!

Sermon: Morning Prayer-June 23rd

Sermon: Graduation Lessons that still Serve Us Well 7-7-19

Sermon: Putting What Matters Most at the Top

Sermon: Morning Prayer 7-28-19 7th Sunday after Pentecost

Sermon: Morning Prayer 8-11-19 9th Sunday after Pentecost

Sermon: Help Make a Fundamental Change 8-18-19 10th Sunday after Pentecost

Sermon: Keeping Up Appearances 9-1-19 12th Sunday after Pentecost

Sermon: Welcome to the Neighborhood 9-15-19 14th Sunday after Pentecost

Sermon: Morning Prayer 10-13-19 18th Sunday after Pentecost


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