"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matthew 6:21.

Joyful Giving

Jesus leaves no doubt in his words and actions that God has definite intentions for all the blessings we receive. God's blessings are for restoring and renewing; establishing justice, dignity, equity, wholeness; and for ending hunger, oppression, and suffering. Stewardship is about the need for people to give thanks to God for their many blessings and gifts.

We live in a world where we feel like we never have enough time, energy, or money to accomplish all that we would like to accomplish. What are we to do in these hectic times? Perhaps we need to step back and take stock of what is important -- our God, our families, and our community in Jesus Christ. We might spend more time with God each day in prayer, worship and spiritual reading. We can work to find more ways to share our talents so that our skills and strengths will make life better for others. We can take comfort in the joy of generously giving from our treasure for God's work.

Only you and God know how much you should pledge of your time, talent and treasure. Regardless of the amount, your pledge to Trinity says, "I am a part of this community, and its goals are important to me." Jesus measured generosity by the condition of the giver's heart, not by the amount. You will know that you have pledged enough by the warm feeling that comes with giving generously from the heart.

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